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Solar Eclipse Sale on August 21st! Don’t Miss Out!

On Monday August 21, a solar eclipse will cut across the entire United States. And wherever you are, you will be able to see it. Even though the “totality” — the area where the sun is completely blocked out by the moon — is only 70 miles wide, the whole country (even Alaska and…
WL6000 LED 60-Watt

January 2017 Sale on the Cadillac of Work Lights!

The Cadillac of work lights is on sale this month ONLY! Get the WL6000 at the lowest price it's ever been! Email for your distributor sale price! WL6000 with amber Lens (above) WL6000ALENS (below)

Beacons on SALE

These beacons are on sale through December and we will NOT be re-ordering once they're gone! I REPEAT: Once these beacons are gone, they're GONE FOR GOOD! Get them while you can! Email us at for your distributor sale price! STR12-17JP STR12JMV STR-LED16WP (This is LED) STR-LED3WP (This is…

Cyber Monday is QUICKLY Approaching!

Don't miss out on these DEEP discounted prices! Call us at 330-490-3158 or email us at for your distributor Cyber Monday price!


  You're going to want to take advantage of these HUGE savings! THIS SALE IS FOR ONE DAY ONLY! Monday, November 28th! Mark your calendars! The following three items will be on sale: Please call us at 800-490-3158 or email us at for your special distributor pricing!

September SALE!

September Sale We're overstocked and need to get rid of some lights! Take advantage of these sales while they last! Call 800-490-3158 or email for pricing!   HF18W-PHD HF18SG-PHD               STR-120LED                            STR65A-STR…

HOT Deals during this HOT Summer!

The summer heat is hot but our sales might be hotter! Call us today at 330-490-3158 or email us at for pricing on the sale items below!   WL18-HP & WL18HP-TRAP S072                                  …

Big Summer Blowout!

What better time for sales than the summertime? Call us or email us at for pricing on our sale items!                  

Out with the Old & In with the NEW! – Get These Bars While They Last!

With our new S.M.A.R.T. Rider coming in June, we've got FIVE red 23" Lite-it-Wireless bars that we're giving away at a RIDICULOUS price! We only have FIVE to sell so get them before they're gone! Call us at 800-490-3158 or email us at for pricing!

Announcing the “Our Cost is Your Cost” Sale!

Look, we’ve got an inventory coming up soon, and we'd rather spend our time selling you lights than counting products in the warehouse. So, we’ve priced these items at ridiculous prices—our cost is your cost. It’s that simple. The savings are amazing, and as always, our customer service will be remarkable.…

Take Advantage of Our Case Quantity Sale!

This is a real opportunity to save major bucks on items we overstocked. We have a physical inventory coming up soon, and we don’t want to count this stuff again! Call us at 800-490-3158 or email  for special pricing on items that will surely improve your margins. Click Here for…

Case Quantity Sale

Take advantage of us! We're offering great pricing on some overstocked items. It's called our CASE QUANTITY SALE Call us at 330-490-3158 to receive special pricing.