Lite-it-Wireless LED Tow Lights

  • Two Individual wireless light units
  • 105# pull rubber coated magnet mounting
  • 4 Pin connection


Our new LIW-1 Wireless Oval Tow Lights is a set of wireless tow lights that feature a 2.4GHz chipset to provide better distance and reliability. It is housed in our virtually indestructible polyethylene case which won’t warp or crack. We have mounted the cases on a true 105# pull rubber coated magnet, no need for a rubber boot which cause you to lose up to 50% of its holding power. Full S/T/T capabilities with end markers. These units are FCC approved and are individually serialized. The transmitter and receiver are programmed together and will only work with another transmitter or bar that are programmed with the same serial number. NO CROSSTALK between other units. When you power on our light bar, the marker lights do NOT come on, only when they are needed. This will save you considerable battery power. Each light bar comes complete with a wireless transmitter, 12v cigarette lighter charger and charging port cover.

Made in America by BTR Blades Tow Right LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Custer Products Limited.



Please make sure to register your product. No warranty work can be done on unregistered products.

  1. Plug the transmitter into your vehicles 4 pin connector
  2. Place the unit with the 3/4″ LED on the left side of the case on the left side of the vehicle, place the other unit on the right side of the vehicle.
  3. Turn on both units using the rocker switch on the opposite side of the 3/4″ light. The rocker switch will illuminate with a red LED.
  4. Test the markers, left and right turn signals, and brake lights.

You cannot overcharge the battery in the light bar, so keep the bar on the charger when not in use.

The batteries will resist developing a memory so you do not have to discharge them all the way. However, they must be charged on a regular basis to prevent them discharging to a very low voltage level.

If you have any issues recharging the battery, plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the vehicle, but not into the light bar. If the LED on the cigarette lighter adapter is not lit, the fuse is most likely blown. Replace the fuse with a 5 amp fuse.

More information…

  • Comes with transmitter, 12V Charger and port covers
  • 1000 Foot line of site visibility
  • Charger indicator Light
  • Individually serialized and programmed to eliminate cross talk between other units
  • 3-year warranty on circuitry
  • FCC approved
  • All lights are hard-wired
  • All connectors are shrink tube.